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Best Air Fryers 2023

Air fryers have become popular as more and more people prefer to intake healthy food. These appliances can fry, grill, bake and cook your favorite food items just with the help of hot airflow around your food.

There is no oil involved in the entire cooking process. Only hot air cooks your food. These air fryers have mechanical fans inside them that can circulate hot air at high speed and produce that crispy layer.

We have scoured through the internet for hours and compiled the best air fryers reviews so that you can make an informed decision.

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Types of Air Fryers

Primary, there are two types of air fryers: convection air fryers and basket air fryers.

Convection air fryers

These units work similarly to a convection oven or a toaster. You will find racks present inside to place your food. You can conveniently bake, grill, and cook in these fryers.

Basket air fryers

These units come with baskets similar to deep dryers that are designed to hold the food items. These units are best suited for frying.

Things to Consider When Buying an Air Fryer

There are different models from different brands. Each of these brands comes with certain features. You need to understand what you want to achieve from your air fryer. Focusing on your needs and requirements will keep you from regretting your decision later.


Air fryers are available in different capacities. Smaller units can range from 1 to 2 liters in capacity, while the medium ones can range from 1.8 to 2.5 liters. You can also go for larger units that may have a capacity of five liters or even more.

If you are looking to roast an entire chicken, you need to go for the larger units. Medium sizes air fryers are better suited for small families of four to five people. Larger units are more suitable for larger families of seven to eight people.

If you host a lot, then you will need a larger fryer. Some units come with twin baskets. They allow you to fry two different items simultaneously.


Look for an air fryer with the wattage that supports your kitchen outlet as well. You need to make sure that your kitchen outlet should support 800W to 1500W to run a standard model or air fryer.

With more wattage, an air fryer can reach higher temperatures and quicker. You can easily find air fryers that can go up to 1800W or even higher. Just make sure your kitchen outlet supports this much wattage.

Power consumption

A 1500W air fryer is not going to consume more than a unit a day. If you are cooking for more than 30 minutes in your unit, you will only consume around half of the electricity unit. In most cases, an air fryer can complete any household needs within 15 minutes.

Most models come with a wattage less than 1500W. They consume even less electricity of half a unit daily. You might want to go for Energy-Star certified air fryers because they keep power consumption at a minimum.

Temperature Control

The temperature settings of an air fryer have a decisive effect on the results that it can produce. Most models cook food at over 400F. Others can reach even higher temperatures, and they can cook even faster.

Cooking at higher temperatures also makes sure that baked foods and batter coatings don’t absorb many greases. But you will have to make sure that the machine has an adequate amount of control and has accurate temperature readings.

Furthermore, look for a machine with different indicator lights. These indicators tell you about the machine’s current status and a timer. Such features can simplify the entire cooking process for you.

Preset Recipes

If you are looking to cook some specific recipes on various occasions, you need to go for preset recipes. Maybe you are looking to watch your favorite TV program with lots of French Fries, or perhaps you want to eat wings on a game day.

The thing is, these preset settings will make your life easier. Some models come with more than ten preset recipes. You have to palace the food items into the basket, press the button, and voila!


One of the most important but mostly ignored features of an air fryer is its safety. You have to look for an adequately insulated unit and come with handles that are cool to touch. It is essential because you don’t want your hands to get burned when pulling the basket out.

Moreover, you should go for an air fryer that comes with a machine that doesn’t slip off along with a non-slip base. It should also come with a locking lid and an external basket control.

Also, look for auto shut-off features for preventing overcooking and reducing power consumption. Ensure that you look for ETL and UL-listed air fryers because they are safety tested for industry standards.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Your air fryer might not consume too much oil, especially if you compare it with shallow or deep drying options. But it tends to create heat grease while cooking your food. The basket inside the fryer has holes to allow the hot air to go through the food.

These holes can become clogged. Therefore, you need to clean them. Your air fryer must come with a design that allows you to clean it daily comfortably.

Furthermore, look for units that come with dishwasher-safe parts that are removable as well. If your unit comes with a non-stick surface, you need to wash it with your hands rather than a dishwasher.

Noise level

These air fryers make noise because they have a fan inside them circulating hot air around the food. You might find some units quieter than others. But it shouldn’t be louder than your air conditioner. Otherwise, it would be very discomforting for you.


Air fryers are great when it comes to preparing food. Your stomach will be thankful to you because this method doesn’t use too much oil for cooking. No wonder they have taken the market by storm and have become a necessity for every household.

But not every air fryer is designed for every household. Some of them are better suited for larger families, while others come with more preset recipes. You need to decide your requirements and then start looking for the best air fryers to meet those needs.

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