Car Wash Services at Home by Amazon in UAE

Amazon is now offering car wash and other services in UAE through its Amazon Home Services program. Amazon’s car wash services are some of the best and most reliable. However, they only recruit licensed professionals. And you can get the services done right in the comfort of your home.

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About Car Wash Services:

Are you looking for “the best car wash near me”? Then Amazon Home Services should be your choice. Amazon will vet the best professionals for the car wash, and you don’t even need to provide them with any extra tools. Under Amazon’s policy, Amazon will only be providing this service in private parking areas. And yes, that includes your home. But the service is available only in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi currently.

How Much Will the Service Cost?

For SUVs, the service will cost 50 AED. And each subsequent car will cost 45, 40, and 35 AED. The base cost is 40 AED for sedans, with each subsequent car costing 35, 30, and 25 AED. Interior disinfection will cost about 99 AED for each vehicle. The prices include labor costs along with material costs.

But the best part about Amazon Car Wash Services is that the pricing is fixed and upfront. It means that you don’t have to pay a dime over the upfront price during the service.

You can get additional services. But you’ll need to discuss the changes and the additional payment with the service provider in person.

Car Wash Service Guide:

Currently, the Amazon UAE Home Service Car Wash is only available for sedans and SUVs. And you can only book 4 sedans/SUVs for washing per booking.

Scope Of Work:

The service provider will wash the entire exterior of the car. It includes the windshield, the tires, and the rims. Additionally, they will vacuum the cabin, carpets, and boot floor. And all interior surfaces such as dashboards and steering wheels will be wiped clean.

Besides that, you can opt for interior disinfection at the time of checkout. This costs about 99 AED for each car, though the price can go slightly higher. Once the car wash is complete, they will then apply the sanitization fog. This fog is high-quality and approved by the municipality.

How Long Will It Take?

In most cases, the car wash services will take up to 1 hour, depending on how many cars you have. Additional services are not available, except for the Interior Disinfection. Any extra requests can be discussed with and paid to the service provider directly.


Before the service provider arrives, you must request and fill out a form. This form is for confirming the condition of your car. Also, make sure to park your car in a private parking area, not a public one. Washing a car in public parking areas is illegal. As a side note, ensure that your building allows outside service providers to enter the premises. Inform your management about the service beforehand if needed.

About Professionals:

Amazon doesn’t just let anyone become a service provider. First, it invites known professionals in the field who have a great track record to their name. Next, it vets them by checking for any mentions on social media. Then, the professionals are called for an online interview. Their qualification and references are assessed. Finally, the professionals are licensed and insured if needed. And that data is kept safe with Amazon.

Service providers recruited by Amazon are most definitely reliable. They’re recruited through a rigorous process and are licensed to work in their field.

You can trust the licensing agency only to accredit the best and safest professionals.

How To Book the Appointment?

Start by logging into your Amazon account and then going to the Amazon UAE Home Services page. Then, click on “Automotive Services” and then on “Car Wash.” Pick the type and number of cars you have and whether you want Interior Disinfection or not. Then, proceed to the checkout.

The availability of the service depends on the service provider. But there is some flexibility for you too. You can choose a certain time and day based on your preferences.

What’s best about Amazon Home Services is that it lets you pick your service provider. You can choose one from a list of approved providers recruited by Amazon. But you still get to make the final decision.

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And to add to that, you can contact your service provider directly. Go to “Your Orders” and then click “Contact Provider.” It’s recommended to wait 2 business days for a call-back. If you get none, contact Amazon Customer Service.

If you want certain products to be used, you can contact your service provider directly for that. It shouldn’t cost extra unless using the product makes up an additional service. Some products, such as the disinfection fog, cannot be changed for safety purposes.

Service Quality:

Amazon believes in the quality of service. Providing you with the best professionals and keeping you up to date with scheduling info is Amazon’s responsibility. Keep in mind, though, the quality of the service is the responsibility of the service provider.

Amazon will, however, let you launch a claim against the service provider. In some cases, you may be entitled to a refund or a service correction. This is covered by their Happiness Guarantee Program.

Under this program, either Amazon will correct the service or issue a refund. Amazon will cover that too if any property has been damaged, but only up to 5,000 AED. You can claim if:

  • The service perfumed did not match what was stated on the scope of work on the Amazon listing ;
  • The service was not paid for outside of ;
  • The claim must be related to the service only and not any product or delivery ;
  • The service was completed within the last 90 days.

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