Women’s Nail Services at Home by Amazon in UAE

Amazon has recently launched home services for its customers in UAE, including nail services for women at home. They can pay upfront and book their schedule at their convenience.

Such a service is a much better option than visiting your nearest nail salon, which at times gets so busy that you have to wait for long. The Amazon nail service works well for all ladies.

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About Nail Services

The nail services by Amazon are available right at your doorstep. You don’t have to provide them with any products or tools to carry out these services. However, you need to get in touch with them beforehand if you are looking to extend these services.

In that case, you will also have to provide the appropriate personal tools and products for the extended services after confirming with the professional. As per the Amazon UAE website, these services are available only in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

How Much Will the Service Cost?

Amazon nail services are available at AED 300, and there is a clearly defined job scope for this upfront price. This price is for a full set of acrylic nail extensions, and you can also go for a full set of gel nail extensions for AED 200.

There are four different types of nail extensions you can choose from. These include French, Refill, Removal, and Natural. All four types will have different costs in both acrylic and gel-type services. You can also choose some add-ons like Gelish Pedi and Classic Pedi for an additional cost, or you can leave the add-on if you want.

Going for the type of nail extension you want will cost you around AED 180 to AED 350. At the same time, the nail service add-on will cost you around AED 69 to AED 119.

There won’t be any price change during the services (for the booking). Only additional services will be charged, and their price will be discussed beforehand. And you can pay after you have received the service from the professional.

Types of Nail Services

The nail extension services available from Amazon include acrylic nail extension and gel nail extension, both in complete sets. Both will last about a couple of hours with one service provider.

Acrylic type features powder polymer and liquid monomer, creating a rock hard layer right over your natural nail. On the other hand, gel-type uses UV light, and it mimics natural nails. The gel type is more realistic, while the acrylic type is more durable.

There are two types of pedicures available as well, and they both are part of add-on services. You can either go for a classic or gelish pedicure.

You can omit them both if you don’t want to avail of that service. Classic pedicure again features acrylic and is much durable, while gelish pedicure features UV light and looks much more natural.

About the Professionals

Amazon UAE hires 3rd party professionals and service providers for all these home services, including nail services. So, there are chances of some inconsistencies.

You might get a comprehensive nail treatment this time around, but it might not be as good next time because another service provider will be working on your hands and feet. This is precisely why these home services by Amazon have received some negative reviews as well.

But there will not be much difference in services because Amazon hires only certified professionals who know their work.

Sometimes you get comprehensive treatment, and sometimes it’s just a miss. But based on this minor factor, you certainly can’t write off the quality of what you are getting. In most cases, it will work out pretty well for you.

How to Book An Appointment?

Booking an appointment for your nail services is just a piece of cake. You need to select the nail extensions service. You can either go for acrylic or gel. After that, you must choose the type of nail extension you need to go for.

You can either choose French, Natural, Refill, or Removal. In the next step, you will select an add-on service and choose either to go for a classic or gelish pedicure. You can select no add-ons as well.

An updated price will be provided to you, and you can proceed by clicking the “Book an Appointment” button. Again, you will be provided with the details accosted with the rover; if you want to add any services or change the service, you may contact the provider.

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You can discuss any of your sensitivities and allergies with the provider beforehand. However, a cost will be discussed and finalized. So, you will pay additional charges directly to the provider.

You can book the appointment for the future, and the service will only take a couple of hours for the provided scope. You won’t have to pick a specific service provider, which brings some uncertainty to this service.

Service Quality

The responsibility of the service quality is on the shoulders of the provider and not Amazon. So, naturally, your service experience might be a hit or a miss. But certainly, it will not be a complete waste of time.

Plus, you need to keep in mind that there are no returns available for these services. Whatever amount of uncertainty you are dealing with, you will not get any benefit against that risk.

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