House Cleaning Service by Amazon in UAE

Amazon has recently introduced its new services for its customers in the UAE under Amazon Home Services. These services include various cleaning services, men’s grooming services, beauty services, and home improvement series.

We will talk about Amazon’s house cleaning services that are available at pretty affordable rates. And you get to choose how thorough they can be in their cleaning job. These services are just a tap away, and it’s convenient at its best.

Let’s discuss this matter in a bit more detail.

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About house cleaning service

You won’t have to provide any materials, products, or tools to the cleaner to clean your house. Instead, they will bring everything based on the scope of services you have selected.

They will bring a mop, vacuum, detergents, and cleaning soap for your dishes, glass, floors, toilets, and wooden surfaces. If you don’t want to include these products in the job scope, you can exclude them.

They deliver good quality cleaning services. And you can increase the number of hours for the job if you want to be more detailed in your cleaning. For example, you can extend the time up to eight hours.

Depending upon how much cleaning you need, detailed cleaning can be called for every month, while general cleaning can be asked every other day.

Hiring a professional cleaner for this will make sure your entire house is cleaned correctly. And the best part is, these home services by Amazon have good ratings.

So, you can focus on other chores and let Amazon handle your cleaning jobs. These services are available in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

How much will the service cost?

The basic home cleaning service will cost you AED 66. This price is for 1 cleaner for 2 hours. Hence, you can extend the time up to eight hours, but you will have to pay AED 270. However, you can double the price if you are going for 2 cleaners for each hour. And for about AED 10 to AED 15, you can also ask for cleaning materials if needed.

If you want to increase the job scope, contact the cleaner, and everything will be decided beforehand. Then, you can pay the cleaner for the additional services.

House cleaning service

The house cleaning services include general mopping and dusting of all accessible areas within your house. In addition, these services include kitchen cleaning, vessel washing, and trash removal.

Moreover, changing bed linens and making the bed with bathroom cleaning and interior window cleaning are also included in these services.

The cleaning service can take anywhere from a couple of hours up to eight hours, depending on how thorough you want them to be, and you can either choose one or two cleaners to carry out the job for you. Apart from that, you can ask for cleaning materials for some additional charges if you want.

About professionals

Amazon, on its website, has mentioned that it only hires third-party cleaners, but after testing their skills through strict quality standards.

They also mention that there is a risk of inconsistency because you might get a quality service from one cleaner, and the next time you didn’t get the same cleaner, and the new one was not thorough in their job.

But Amazon checks and validates all their cleaners, so the risk of inconsistency is shallow, and these services’ ratings are quite good.

Amazon requires all its cleaners and service providers to be vetted, licensed, and insured (if applicable). So, it is perfectly safe to hire Amazon service providers, and there are COVID-19 measures in place.

How to book the appointment?

Booking an appointment is a pretty simple task as it is just like placing a regular order on Amazon. You will have to pick the number of cleaners for your cleaning project. You can select either one or two cleaners based on your location.

After that, you have to select several hours for the cleaning job. And in the end, you must choose whether you need them to bring cleaning materials like dish cleaners, etc., or not and click “Book an Appointment” to proceed to the next step.

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You can contact the cleaner to inform them that you or anyone in your home is allergic to certain products. During this time, you can also tell them whether or not you want to exceed the scope of the cleaning job or not.

Service quality

Amazon takes full responsibility for these services, and it makes sure its home service providers deliver the services as per the commitment.

There are no returns or refunds for these services because they deliver a decent quality service. But there is a Happiness Guarantee Program in place, and for that, you will have to book your service and pay in full.

Wrap up

Overall, you can always expect good quality service from Amazon. However, if you check the rating of these services, you will be more satisfied to see most people have positive reviews about Amazon house cleaning services. And that is all you need to know!

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