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Best Electric Scooters 2023

Are you looking for an efficient commuting solution? While not inexpensive, they are super-fast and are great for both commuting and recreation.

Electric scooters run on an electrically-powered motor. This takes off the burden from your legs and also allows you to reach incredible speeds. And the higher-end scooters even feature tubeless tires.

But wait, how do you know which scooter is right for you? They’re not cheap, so you don’t want to buy the wrong one.

This is why we sought out the best electric scooters in 2021 and laid them flat for you, complete with reviews and a buying guide.

So let’s dive in!

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Electric Scooter Price Range

Budget Electric Scooter

Budget electric scooters are the cheapest and quite possibly the most unreliable types of scooters. They are not recommended for professional or off-road use. They’re only good for recreational use or if you only take out your scooter for commuting once a few weeks.

These scooters are characterized by low-power motors, shorter battery lives, and weaker brakes. In addition to that, they’re pretty cheap in build quality and can break apart very easily.

Commuter’s Electric Scooter

These are balanced in terms of both their price point and their features. While not as high-performance as performance scooters, they do have some premium features.

They’re suited for short-distance traveling, usually on-road but sometimes off-road as well. They have a fairly limited but suitable battery life (usually 2-3 hours). You can get a budget-commuter hybrid in the 1000 to 2000 AED range. In the 2000 to 3000 AED range, expect to see longer battery lives and better suspensions.

Go higher than that, and you’ll finally find scooters with dual motors. These also have higher performance, longer battery life, and off-road compatibility.

Performance Electric Scooter

Performance electric scooters are what most off-roaders use. These are designed specifically to withstand outside elements such as water, snow, dust, and impact. You’ll find stronger wheels with greater suspension, a longer battery life, and hydraulic brakes.

Most scooters in this range are dual-motor, which means both the wheels actively rotate at the same speed.

Other Costs (Gear, Maintenance)

Aside from the initial cost of the scooter, you should also consider the side costs.

The first thing you need to buy is gear. A helmet is an essential thing you’ll need, but a lock and some extra lights for safety are a good idea as well. In case you’re using tubeless tires, having some sealant at hand is also a good choice.

Maintenance is also crucial. It’s a good idea to have some lubricant as well as some cleaning supplies in your garage.

Solid, Pneumatic, or Tubeless Tires

Next, consider the type of tire you want to use. You have three options: solid, pneumatic, and tubeless.


These are tires that are completely made of rubber or similar material with no air pockets in between. They last longer than their air-filled counterparts and don’t puncture. Moreover, they can handle much more weight than pneumatic tires. So overweight people should look into these. However, they provide the least suspension, which is necessary on performance scooters.


These are typical air-filled tires, much like those on your car or bike. They provide better suspension over dirt and debris-filled roads. However, they normally cost more than solid tires. And while they can certainly hold a lot of weight, overweight people should still not consider them.


Tubeless tires are similar to pneumatic tires except for one major difference: they lack an inner tube. Instead of a tube, the outer layer of the tire (that features tread patterns) is the one that holds the air. To prevent the air from leaking out, a special sealant is applied along the tire’s inner portion.

Scooter owners like to prefer this tire for its low-pressure applications. You also have fewer chances of running into a flat. However, they can be expensive and heavy and require you to have a spare sealant at hand.

Battery Life and Range

Finally, consider the battery life. Most e-scooters will last anywhere from an hour to up to 7 hours. However, this entirely depends on the speed at which you run the scooter. Most scooters have variable speed options. Running the scooter at the highest speed will suck up more battery life.

In addition to that, overweight people will put more stress on the motors, resulting in more energy loss. It should be noted that the battery life written on the package is not absolute and is only a “best-case” estimation.

Single or Dual Motor?

Much like how cars don’t necessarily drive on all four wheels, an electric scooter doesn’t need to drive on both its wheels. Most of the lower-end scooters (budget and commuter) feature single-wheel drive. This is where the rear wheel is geared up to the motor and is actively rotating.

Single motor configurations are more than enough for recreation and commuting. However, for athletes and those that ride off-road, dual-motor setups are preferred. They deliver more power to the scooter and help overcome obstacles that single motor scooters cannot.

Wheel Size

Wheel size is essential for a lot of reasons. For one thing, bigger wheels mean better suspension. Of course, this depends on the type of tire as well. But in general, wheels that are bigger than 8 inches in diameter will provide adequate suspension.

Larger wheels also mean better traction. The bigger the wheel the more distance you’ll cover with every rotation. In addition to that, larger wheels will be able to withstand more weight. They’re usually sought after when buying performance scooters. But overweight people should also consider larger wheels.


The best part about owning an electric scooter is that it’s not even as costly as you might think. There are lots of budget options, some of which even work for daily commuting.

But what makes a scooter the best electric scooter of 2021? Well, that depends on your requirements. Commuters should look for a scooter with a suitable range and battery life, as well as adequate suspension. Athletes and off-roaders should choose a stronger scooter with better brakes and larger wheels.

So what are you waiting for? Pick out your favorite scooter and get moving!

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