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Best Nintendo Switch Games 2024

Video game consoles have been a two-player market for a lot of time but both PlayStation and Xbox have had their fair share of issues for years. And even after all this time they still don’t seem to offer the right assortment of games for a lot of people, their better models are way too overpriced, and portability isn’t something either console has paid much attention to.

These are just some of the many reasons why Nintendo Switch games have been such a hit in the past few years. Quickly making up the ground on their competition, Nintendo Switch games are now played as much as Xbox and PlayStation games.

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If you’re curious as to whether Nintendo Switch games are right for you or whether you should gravitate toward a different console, we’ll list the eight main benefits of Nintendo Switch games below.

The 8 benefits of Nintendo Switch games

While a lot of people were worried that the Switch won’t offer too many games to its users, that fear turned out to be completely unwarranted. With thousands of games on the Switch right now and a lot of additional features coming with this console, Nintendo Switch games are a phenomenal option for a lot of gamers and families.

The most famous Nintendo franchises have been a mainstay in the gaming sphere for decades. Even people who’ve never touched a video game console in their life are acutely aware of the Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and many of the other Nintendo classics. And there’s a reason for that – Nintendo Switch games are just that good.

The Nintendo Switch games library is incredibly diverse

The Nintendo Switch games library is more than just a few good classics, however. Instead, it consists of thousands of different and engaging video games in many genres and styles. Unlike Xbox and PlayStation who usually have just a few hit games per season, the most popular Nintendo Switch games are many and quite diverse too.

The Switch is phenomenal for local co-ops

The best way to play video games is with a buddy and that’s especially easy with Nintendo Switch games. Local co-op is a big part of the Switch and that has made this console a huge hit for families that want to play together or friends who are tired of just using video chat. Of course, you can still do that with Nintendo Switch games too but the personal touch of the Switch’s fantastic local co-op is just unrivaled at the moment.

Nintendo Switch games are family-friendly

Building upon the previous point, a lot of the best Nintendo Switch games are very family-friendly too. This makes the Switch an even better option for families. Whether you want your kids to play together more or you’re a parent who wants to have more fun activities with your kids, Nintendo Switch games are an excellent option.

Play on both a home and a portable console

Probably the best feature of the Switch is that it comes with a portable console that you can take anywhere with you. Unlike with Xbox and PlayStation, with the Switch, you’re buying two consoles for the price of one – a (still small and compact) home console and a portable handheld console that you can play with wherever you want.

Forget about having to play boring mobile games on your phone when you’re bored while commuting – with the Switch you can play the same thing you were playing on your console at home and you can even save your progress on most games too!

Game design > graphics

If you’ve ever uttered the phrase “I don’t care about graphics, the game design is what matters to me” then Nintendo Switch games are definitely for you. This isn’t to talk down their graphics as much as it is a credit to their incredible game design. While most titles on PlayStation and Xbox are constantly being criticized for being just polished versions of old games with nothing interesting to add to their game design, that’s just not the case with Nintendo Switch games.

The annual subscription for Nintendo Switch games is fantastic

If all that goodness sounds like it’d probably be expensive, don’t worry – both the monthly and annual Switch subscriptions are exceptionally affordable. There are even family bundles that further drive the price down to a fraction of what the other popular consoles charge their users. This makes playing Nintendo Switch games exceptionally affordable, especially if you are co-oping with family or friends.

The console itself is also very affordable

As a nice cherry on top, the Switch console itself is also very light on the budget. Yes, older or second-hand Xbox and PlayStation versions can also be fairly affordable but compared to their similar-generation and quality consoles, the Switch’s price is significantly more palatable. Besides, as you get both a home and a portable Switch console for that price, Nintendo Switch games become over two times more of a bargain.

In conclusion

PlayStation and Xbox have been kings of the hill for quite some time but Nintendo Switch proved extremely successful in turning this duo into a trio. Despite early concerns that the Nintendo library won’t be tempting enough for players, the scope, diversity, and joy of Nintendo Switch games surprised a lot of people and the console is getting more and more popular with each month and year. With a lot of additional benefits such as portability, price, design, co-op, and more, Nintendo Switch games are deservedly getting a lot of attention.

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