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Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2023

Cleaning the house is a pain – virtually anyone can agree on that. Even if you’re smart about it and you combine the cleaning with a different activity like listening to an audiobook, it still feels like a waste of valuable time. And it’s worst when you have to do it in a rush for some surprise guests or before dinner, for example.

I felt the same way for decades until I got my first robot vacuum cleaner. I had postponed the decision for several years cause I just didn’t feel it’d do a good enough job but I was absurdly wrong! Getting a robot vacuum cleaner ended up getting ~90% of the work off my hands! And what’s best – now the house is clean non-stop and not just for a day after I’ve cleaned myself.

If you’re like me and you’re hesitant to let a literal robot roam around your home, doing stuff, below I’ll list the 9 awesome benefits of robot vacuum cleaners I was ecstatic to discover.

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The 9 benefits of robot vacuum cleaners

The main benefit of a robot vacuum cleaner is obvious to everyone – it cleans for you. And if we stop there, it’s pretty easy to dismiss this product by thinking that “Well, I certainly clean better than that little thing, so I won’t get it.”

And that feels like a valid point, I too used that same argument to avoid getting a robot vacuum cleaner for years. But now, when I finally bought my new robotic roommate, I regret every day I postponed the purchase – there are just so many benefits to it!

Your home will be clean 24/7

A robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t just save you a couple of hours of cleaning per week – it makes sure that your house is clean non-stop! You know how when it’s time to clean your home again, it has started to look dirty? In fact, when we’re busy and start postponing the cleaning, our homes get progressively filthier with each skipped day!

That’s not the case with a robot vacuum cleaner as you can set the little champ to clean your home every single day of the week! This way your home is spotless clean all the time.

When you set out to do some cleaning yourself, your job will be infinitely easier

Granted, robot vacuum cleaners can’t do everything on their own – they can’t get into super tight spaces and they can’t dust your bookshelves, for example. So, from time to time you’ll still have to clean a bit yourself.

However, when that time comes, you’ll have a much easier job as the robot vacuum cleaner would have already done the dirty work. Literally.

Get home to a clean house

Another huge benefit is that you can set your robot vacuum cleaner to do its job while you’re not even home! Unlike washing machines and stoves which shouldn’t be left unattended, a robot vacuum is a perfectly safe appliance to leave working home alone.

This gives you the freedom to come home from work and happily walk barefoot on a 100% clean floor without doing any cleaning yourself.

Clean your home from a distance

Most good robot vacuum models today can be operated from a distance. Not only can you preprogram your vacuum to clean at a certain time of day, you can operate the little fella with a phone app too!

Ensure a dust-free air

A huge benefit of having someone clean your home every single day is that you minimize the amount of dust in the air. This is phenomenal for people with dust allergies or for kids and babies.

Plus, you know how much dust gets blown in the air when you vacuum manually once per week? A robot vacuum solves this issue as well.

Get some robo-mopping action too!

Some new robot vacuum models have a mop function too! The good ones even recognize the floor they are on at any given time and know how exactly they should clean and mop to protect the floor from any possible physical or water damage. This is basically more than I knew about mopping before I got my little robo helper!

You’ll find that a robot vacuum can reach some spots you can’t

A robot vacuum can’t reach every spot and corner, that’s true – as flexible as these little devices are, some corners are just too tight. At the same time, however, a robot cleaner can reach some spots we can’t. Or, at the very least – some spots we really have to struggle to reach.

How often do you clean the piles of dust under your couch for example? Cause my robot vacuum cleans under my couch every day now!

Never be embarrassed in front of your guests again

People love surprise guests. That is, if they happen to come right after you’ve cleaned. When they chance on the day right before you were about to clean, they may be met with an embarrassing mess.

When you have a robot vacuum cleaner that’s no longer an issue.

Robot vacuums are much quieter

A big problem with manual vacuums is that they are so annoyingly noisy. And that’s something that’s frustrating not just for you but for your family and even your neighbors.

Robot vacuum cleaners are much quieter, however, so even if you are home when the little bugger works, the noise just isn’t a problem.

In conclusion

So, while a robot vacuum can’t clean everything in your home, it can certainly pull its weight and then some. With one of these little round wonders at home, the only cleaning you’ll have to do is the occasional shelf dusting, vacuuming unreachable corners, and one comprehensive manual cleaning from time to time – and that’s it!

A robot vacuum cleaner can take care of the rest and ensure a spotlessly clean and dust-free home at all times! Plus, if you have pets, it’s quite fun for them too!

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