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Best Tablets 2023

Have you ever tried working on a laptop in bed or on the train? Or carrying it on your back while hiking because you know you’ll have to work at the end of the hike? How about writing a lengthy email on your phone? While either of these devices is great at what they do, they have some really significant drawbacks too.

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Tablets are one of my favorite devices because they combine many of the best aspects of both phones and laptops while negating most of their drawbacks. The best tablets are almost as lightweight and convenient as a phone while being as powerful – and sometimes more so – than a notepad!

Below, I’ll go over the 9 main benefits of the best tablets on the market right now. I’ll compare them to phones, laptops, and even e-readers, and by the end of the article, I might even convince you to ditch your phone and/or laptop for a tablet!

The 9 benefits of tablets

Tablets are not for anyone but they are certainly suitable for a lot of people who don’t even realize what they are missing. I won’t try to overhype them as they have their drawbacks but by going over their advantages I might give you an idea or two for how to use a tablet instead of a laptop or a phone.

You can use a tablet instead of a phone

Some people would dispute that as tablets are significantly larger than a phone. So, are they less comfortable to hold by your ear or carry in your jeans pocket? Sure – tablets’ size has both pros and cons. However, if your pockets are big enough and if you don’t have problems gripping a tablet securely, you can definitely use it as a phone.

Besides, there are handle-like accessories for phones and tablets that can further help with that. Or, if you’re using wireless earplugs or headphones, most new models have control buttons on them that can allow you to talk on your phone/tablet without having to physically hold it at all!

So, even if the larger size brings some level of unwieldiness as a phone, it’s still a huge benefit that you can use a tablet that way – it essentially means you can skip on owning a phone altogether if you want.

Some new tablets are better than old laptops

You’d be surprised how powerful some contemporary tablets are. Sure, maybe not as much as a brand new gaming laptop but many of the best tablets can definitely outperform 2-year-old laptops in the amount of content and app they can handle.

Tablets are great for work

Typing on a tablet can take some getting used to but it’s much better and easier than typing in a phone. And with tablets being much lighter than even the most lightweight laptop, they are great for work on the go. Whether you’re commuting, waiting in line for something, or you just want to do some work in bed, a good tablet can be extremely handy. When I hurt my back last year, for example, I had to spend a whole week in my bed and couldn’t comfortably use my laptop. Using my old tablet, however, I was able to do all my work in the meantime with no problem, albeit just a bit slower than usual.

Tablets are fantastic for watching videos or even movies

Have you ever wondered how people can bear watching a full-length movie on a small phone? It’s a mystery to me too. On a big or even mid-sized tablet, however, watching movies is a much better idea! Sure, it’s still not equivalent to watching on a 49’ TV set but it’s infinitely more tolerable than a smartphone.

A good tablet is great for conference meetings too

Online meetings can be annoying but they are much better to take on a tablet than they are on a phone – the picture is just sufficiently bigger for you to see everything you need to. And, if you’re in a live meeting at the office, a tablet allows you to take notes unobtrusively while looking at your phone is often frowned upon. And, hey, if you want to play a quick game on the tablet while “taking notes”, you can do that too – just make sure no one is watching over your shoulders.

Tablets are good for making presentations or sharing photos and videos

A tablet’s big screen is much more convenient than a phone’s for sharing content with people. Whether you want to show a friend a photo of your cat, a video of your baby walking, or a business presentation to a colleague or your boss – everything just looks much better and clearer on a tablet’s larger screen.

Tablets are more affordable than a laptop

A good modern tablet will cost more or less the same as a phone but will be more affordable than a laptop with similar processing power. Or, another way to look at it is that a tablet will outperform a similarly-priced laptop in most regards. Add that a tablet can function as both a phone and a tablet in lots of ways and it becomes an even better investment than both.

The best tablets make for a decent alternative to e-readers too

E-book readers are the undeniable kings of reading e-books – they are designed for the job and their e-ink technology doesn’t strain the eyes as much as a laptop, phone, or a tablet. However, if you don’t want to invest in an e-reader at the moment, a tablet can make for a great short-term alternative. Tablets do emit light but that’s about their only drawback and that can be mitigated with certain apps designed to make the screen’s light more tolerable.

Plus, tablets have color which is fantastic for children’s books, comics, and some other literature.

These devices are excellent for travel

Whether you want to work, watching videos, read books, or play mobile games, tablets are much better than laptops for traveling. They weigh less, they take less space in your luggage or handbag, they are easier to hold while on-foot – they are just that much better in most regards. A phone is even easier to travel it, sure, but it isn’t nearly as practical as a tablet so the best tablets really combine the best of both worlds.

In conclusion

Tablets are a special type of device – they are essentially the Jack-of-all-trades of electronics. Larger and/but more practical than a phone, more compact but almost as useful as a laptop, and almost as good as an e-reader, a good tablet can replace all these devices. Quality matters, of course, as is the case with any other type of electronics – there are some bad tablet models out there. If you get one of the best tablet models, however, you’ll find a lot to love about them.

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