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Best Vertical Irons 2023

Some clothes just need to be ironed. The casual t-shirt and jeans style may look fine unironed but if you want to wear most other types of clothes, you just have to find a way to iron them. And the traditional ironing method is just too time-consuming, and – for a novice – even complicated and difficult to get into.

This is where vertical irons come in. Often called vertical steamers or steaming irons, these unique devices offer a whole new way of smoothing out your clothes that’s more practical, easier, and faster than traditional ironing in a lot of ways.

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But how exactly do they work? Let’s go over the 7 main benefits of vertical irons or steamers below to find out. 

The 7 benefits of vertical irons 

Vertical irons, or more accurately, vertical steamers, don’t actually “iron” your clothes. In fact, they are not meant to come in contact with them at all. Instead, they use high-temperature steam to soften and smooth out the wrinkles in your clothes. And the additional crucial point? You don’t need an ironing table to do so as your clothes have to be hanged vertically for the process to be effective – it’s the gravity pulling them down when they are softened and steamed that further helps straighten and smooth them out.  

1. Vertical irons are perfect for people with mobility problems

Ironing is a pain to do, both mentally and physically. And while that’s tolerable when you’re young, having to iron your suits or dresses when you get to a more advanced age can be all but impossible. 

Vertical irons solve this problem as they require much less physical exertion to do their job. Smoothing out your clothes this way takes much less effort and muscle energy so even people with mobility problems can do that much more easily. 

2. Upright steamers smooth out clothes much faster than traditional irons 

Speed is of the essence when you have to deal with lots of clothes at once. With a large enough pile of clothes that need ironing, you can often lose a whole day doing just that! Vertical irons accomplish the same task much quicker, however – all you need to do is hang all the clothes next to each other, and do a quick pass over each of them with the steamer – that’s it, gravity will do the rest! 

3. Get the best possible wrinkle-free smoothness 

From what we’ve said above it may seem like upright steamers offer a quicker but inferior smoothness. That’s not the case. The best vertical irons are much more effective than traditional irons, even when you know how to use either of them. Even the most experienced housekeeper knows that ironing is never perfect – there are some wrinkles,  especially around the folds, that are often impossible to straighten out. 

All that’s not the case with vertical irons – they easily steam every part of your clothes and then gravity is also equally effective on every fold and pocket.

4. There’s are many different sub-types to choose from

When we talk about vertical irons or upright steamers, it’s important to note that these are not just one type of irons. Instead, vertical irons come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. Some are made to work with more delicate fabrics as not all steamers are suitable for silk, for example. Others are made to be larger, more powerful, and to contain more water so that they can work for longer. Some others are made to be smaller and easy to handle and to carry. There are even cordless battery upright steamers that can be used without an electric outlet. In essence, if you see one vertical steamer that doesn’t look like it would work for your home, you can rest assured that there are models that are very much perfect for your needs. 

5. Vertical steamers are also available in myriad designs and styles 

There aren’t just a plethora of steamer types to choose from – this niche is so developed that even when you settle on a particular type, there are still going to be dozens if not hundreds of different designs and styles to choose from. Various vertical irons can come with all kinds of additional features and perks, and different visual designs too. Gone are the days when we had to hide our household appliances when we had guests out of shame. 

6. Get a smaller and more portable tool 

One type of vertical steamers that definitely deserves its separate mention are the smaller and more portable types. These are getting increasingly popular as they both easier to handle and use, as well as take less place at home or in your luggage. These models are especially convenient for people who have to travel a lot while still carrying suits with them. From businesspeople to musicians, many people have to look good every day while being on the road and vertical steamers are a fantastic way to achieve that. 

7. Vertical steamers are easier to use than traditional irons

Last but not least, the learning curve with vertical irons is much smoother than it is for traditional irons. While with the latter a novice is guaranteed to screw up ironing at least a dozen times, with a vertical steamer it’s very easy to do things the right way from the get-go – there just isn’t much you can do wrong with them. 

In conclusion 

Vertical irons or steamers are both a unique and a classic way to smooth out your clothes. They may still be unfamiliar to a lot of people but the method has been around for quite some time – it’s just been made even more accessible and practical for residential use. Faster, easier, and more effective than traditional ironing, vertical irons and steamers are a great way to get your clothes and style up to a higher standard and save time while doing so. 


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